Navasma Chart – It’s Significance and the need to understand the Chart to change your fate. #Navamsa

Last Tuesday, I have talked about the Navamsa chart and Lagna chart and this week are going to give you more insights into the Navamsa chart. Those who don’t understand astrology might find it tough but to simplify it, let me tell you Lagna and Navamsa chart difference in two points. Lagna chart tells the […]

Nifty Trading Ideas

Monsoon in India, NBFCs in Focus, G20 Summit and more in today’s trade setup #Nifty

Market Trade set up 11th June Markets cannot fall when it rains heavily in Mumbai and though these are not monsoon rains and though monsoon didnt keep its date of 8th June to set in Mumbai, we still had a much awaited rally of Nifty and now we are above 11900 mark. Now the major […]