Bhagavadgita - A Guide to Life

Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 73

Arjuna Uvaacha: Nashto mohah smritirlabdhaa twatprasaadaanmayaachyuta; Sthito’smi gata sandehah karishye vachanam tava. Arjuna said: Destroyed is my delusion as I have gained knowledge through Thy Grace, O Krishna! I am firm; my doubts are gone. I will act according to Thy word. Interpretation Arjuna is finally talking and starts to tell Lord Krishna his experience of […]

Nifty Trading Ideas

Market Trade Setup 14th May #Nifty

If you remember I was talking about the re-building starting from yesterday. What we saw was a 130 point big fall on Nifty and all those who read my post might be thinking that I was totally wrong. Not justifying myself, I still maintain that its re-building and it has started yesterday. I want you […]