Bhagavadgita Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 29

Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 29

Mrityuh sarvaharashchaaham udbhavashcha bhavishyataam;

Keertih shreervaakcha naareenaam smritirmedhaadhritih kshamaa.


And I am all-devouring death, and prosperity of those who are to be prosperous;

among feminine qualities I am fame, prosperity, speech, memory, intelligence, firmness and forgiveness.


In this shloka, Lord Krishna is comparing Himself to certain abstract things. He compares Himself to death first. After that He goes on to compare Himself to the prosperity of the people who are prosperous. Then He goes to explain the feminine qualities where He says that He is the fame, which also means popularity. He also says that He is the prosperity and then goes on to say that the Lord Himself is the speech and the memory in an individual. He is also the intelligence, firmness and the forgiveness of an individual.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

What is all devouring death? Devouring means consuming or eating. Death consumes everything. It is an end of everything that comes once but takes away everything. Death consumes everything in us, our ambitions, ego, knowledge, pride, affection, care, love and the list is endless. And Lord compares Himself to Death, He is comparing Himself to the most powerful thing that can remove every other thing in just a moment. Prosperity is opposite to death. If death consumes everything, prosperity bestows everything. In that way, both are God and there is God in both.

What are feminine qualities? These are the qualities that are desired in a women. The first three are the external qualities that are visible while the other four are internal in nature. Every women should possess them. A lady with a fame can take care of everyone around her and can manage every relationship that she has with different individuals. Prosperity talks about how a lady manages her household. A housed is prosperous only because of the lady and the way she manages the money earned by her husband. The third external quality is the speech. The way she speaks and deals with the people around helps in bringing harmony and peace to the surroundings.

The rest of the four qualities are internal in nature which helps her to deal with the things on day to day basis. Apart from this there are masculine qualities also, but they are linked more to the physical attributes than the ones involving mind. Thus masculine qualities are more physical in nature while the feminine are more artistic and mental. Lord compares Himself to the feminine qualities as possessing them is considered to be more valuable in the society as these qualities help in building the personality of an individual in a more structured way.