Indira Gandhi – Iron Lady & India’s Top Leader #IndiaAt70

#IndiaAt70 – India’s 70 most influential people or leaders!

Today is going to bring an end to my one year long stories of Top 70 Indians since Indian Independence. It was on Aug 15th I started this journey where I wrote about revealing my list of 70 most influential Indians. It was filled with discovery of different personalities, their hardships, sacrifices, inspirations and finally glory for the Nation. All these 70 people have built India to the level what it is Today. 69 personalities already revealed and now is the time, right before we celebrate 72nd Independence day to reveal the Top Indian leader as per me.

Indira Gandhi in all Smiles! 

India’s Number one leader:
Born to a family which had politics in the blood and lot of intellectual abilities. It was on 19th November 1917 in Allahabad, India’s best political leader was born to Jawahar Lal Nehru and Kamala Nehru. She is none other than Smt. Indira Gandhi ji. Nehru as we know is a great politician and Independence fighter and as well a lawyer. He had given Indira Gandhi complete freedom with respect to education and she studied in places like Pune University, Shantiniketan and also moved to Oxford University for few months. She was in helpless position as mother Kamala Nehru was suffering from tuberculosis which actually killed her while her father Nehru was in Jail. This is her first biggest painful moment that she had suffered.

Her marriage was also a controversial event where she went against Nehru to marry Feroze Gandhi. Things turned on its head when Feroze Gandhi, person who had nothing suddenly got into politics and won Rae Bareili seat to enter Parliament. Father words came true when Feroze Gandhi forced Indira Gandhi to stay with him in the house given by Govt Which was ignored by Indira Gandhi. She had to make a bold move of shifting to her father’s residence with her children, only to give them a better life and comforts.

Her biggest challenges though came when she went to become the Prime Minister and also the first Women Prime Minister for India. Before which she was only advisor to Father Nehru. Things were bad and her lack of oratory skills gave her the name ‘Ghoongi Gudiya’. Which made her to think about her political life strongly and that was the day she decided to change herself. She held the office of PM from 1966 to 1977 and 1980 to 1984. It’s almost 15 years that she had the power of ruling India. In her reign of power she was the one who had taken huge decisions like Nationalisation of Banks, Emergency, Green Revolution, hosting Asian games and as well first step of Liberalisation.

Her extraordinary political strategies were the reason why people went with her in the elections. Like this she kept on gaining momentum and things were going well for India. Then came an unimaginable problem in the name of a separate country called ‘Khalistan’ for Punjabis. These turned into total havoc and lot of riots have happened. The leader behind this movement Bhindran Wala was hiding in the holy Golden Temple in Amritsar. Indira Gandhi then took the decision and started a mission called ‘Operation Blue Star’. A Step that nobody would have actually thought of, she sent the army inside the Golden Temple and killed all the militants including the Bhindranwala. Though this was a victory for her and India, she got portrayed as villain for all the Sikhs for her decision of letting Army enter Golden Temple.

This act of her became the reason for her Death. Her two body guards who were also Sikhs were deeply affected. It was on 31st October 1984 morning at 9:20 am while she was taking a walk towards her office, she was killed by gun shots by the two body guards Beant Singh & Satwant Singh which pierced through her body and killed her. India lost a greatest leader ever after Independence.

Iron Lady Indira Gandhi was once equated to Goddesses Durga by Atal Bihari Vajpayee when she announced that Pakistan Army General had surrender to Indian Army during the fight for liberation of Bangladesh. That’s the power of this dynamic leader called Indira Gandhi. As people also call her the ‘Child of Destiny’.

If asked she would be the first person that I would ask God to bring back, her charisma, political strategy and the economic policy framework was so well welcomed by the World. It’s actually sad to see that after her India has not seen dynamic leaders like her. She has surely left with tremendous amount of inspiration for the people and political legacy is respected with heads high. #IndiaAt70 #IndiraGandhi #JaiHind

Market Trade Setup 14th August #Nifty

Market Trade Setup 14th August

Firstly, Happy Independence day in advance. This week is a 4 day trading week with a gap after 2 days of trading which will surely have some psychological impact on the market. If we look at the global set up, Turkish Lira hit another all time low and that made Dow Jones lose another 125 points and that means Dow posted 4 consecutive down closing. Major financial companies like JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs posted 1.5% loss each. Asia is not as bad as US and we have Hong Kong and Shanghai in red while Japan is in green. The Brent crude is also below 73 dollars and that should be a good news.

Domestic Cues

On the domestic front, there is some more good news to cheer about as the CPI inflation for the month of July comes at 4.17% vs expected 4.5% which is a 9 month low. This is less than the June inflation of 4.92% but higher than 2.36% seen in July last year. The food inflation comes very low at 1.37% vs 2.91% seen in June. The core inflation is also low at 6.19% vs 6.39% in June. Infact the core inflation was expected at 6.5%. This will for sure will have positive impact. The other positive factor is the dollar index which dropped to 96.2 from 96.6 and that means some relief for Rupee today.

Rupee posted a multi-moth fall yesterday on a single trading session by falling 1.6% and losing 110 paise to close at 69.93 and now its at stone throw distance from 70 dollars and today we have to see whether rupee will touch 70 or stay below that. On the Q1 results front, yesterday Tata steel came up with a good set of numbers and Cadila health also came with decent numbers. Today is also an important day with Pharma giant Sun Pharma coming up with its Q1 and also Spice Jet will be declaring its Q1 numbers.

Derivatives Action

On the derivatives front, yesterday saw a huge selling in the first half on the Nifty futures and the overall long positions dropped from 57% to 55% but some buying in the last couple of hours made the Nifty premium go up from 9 points to 22 points and its looking decent now. Even in the options market the put call ratio has adjusted to a more decent 1.66 from 1.75 levels in the morning. It happened as many put positions were unwound. 11400 put unwound 3.9 lakh contracts while 11300 put unwound 2.6 lakh contracts and 11500 put lost 1.6 lakh contracts. On the call side 11400 call added 5 lakh contracts and 11500 call added 4 lakh contracts as the Nifty fell.

What is the Nifty call for the day?

A flat Asia means we will open flat around 11350-11360 levels and 11320 will continue to act as a big support. Tomorrow is a holiday and 11410-11420 is a resistance zone. So, the trade for the day is to go long around 11330-11360 levels with 11400-11420 as the target. Satisfy with a 40-50 point profit and compromise a bit, if its not achieved and go home for Independence day with money in your pocket and not in the market.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 28

Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 28

Sargaanaamaadirantashcha madhyam chaivaaham arjuna;

Adhyaatmavidyaa vidyaanaam vaadah pravadataamaham.


Among creations I am the beginning, the middle and also the end, O Arjuna!

Among the sciences I am the science of the Self; and I am logic among controversialists.


In this shloka Lord Krishna compares Himself to the beginning, middle and the end of things. He then goes on to talk about the sciences. Sciences here refer to the entities that have a proof of the existence and the same proof holds good in any scenario. Lord Krishna says that He is the science of the self. And finally Lord Krishna compares Himself to the controversialists. Controversialist means something that is debatable and that is in dispute. In that Lord compares Himself to logic.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

What is the beginning, middle and the end that Lord is referring to here? If you remember, we have discussed this in the previous chapters also. There we have understood clearly that its the Lord who works to start the things. Like Brahma has started this whole world through His creations. Once the creation starts its the Lord Vishnu who protects the World which comes in the middle. All the avataars taken by Lord Vishnu is for that purpose only. In the end, when the World has to end, its Lord Shiva who opens His third eye that destroys the World where all the beings attain their natural end of going to the Lord’s abode.

The next point to be considered is, is the knowledge of self a science? It is. Today we call it Psychology. Psychology is the study of mind and that includes sensory mind and extra sensory mind, also called as sub-conscious mind. Psychologists today are conducting numerous studies to unearth the secrets held by the sub-conscious mind. The science of past life regression is one such thing, where it has been proven by western psychologists that it is possible to take someone to his past lives by dwelling into his sub-conscious mind. Lord compares Himself to that secret of sub-conscious mind.

Finally amongst the issues relating to debate or contention Lord compares Himself to Logic. Logic in every way is related to science. Not only science, logic is in everything that is spoken which has thought and reason in it. Logic is usually built on valid inferences and it is people’s abilities to build such logic. People like Buddha, Plato, Socrates, Confucius and Aristotle are the famous people known for their logic and thought and Lord stays in them, as well as in everyone who talks and works with logic.