Bhagavadgita Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 26

Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 26

Prahlaadashchaasmi daityaanaam kaalah kalayataamaham;

Mrigaanaam cha mrigendro’ham vainateyashcha pakshinaam.


And, I am Prahlad among the demons; among the reckoners I am time;

among beasts Iam their king, the lion; and Garuda among birds.


Lord Krishna’s comparisons continue in this shloka also and here He compares Himself with the demons first. In the demons He compares Himself with Prahlad. We also know Prahlad as a great Vishnu bhakt who went against his father. Then He goes on to compare Himself with the reckoners. Reckoners are the devices which helps you to calculate things. There He compares Himself to Time. Then He compares Himself to the Lion who is the king of all the beasts and then finally amongst the birds that can fly Lord Krishna compares Himself to Garuda.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

We all know the story of the great Prahlad. For some of you, who doesnt know him much, Prahlad is the son of the great demon king Hiranya Kashyap, and thus He is a demon. From childhood Prahlad was a worshipper of Lord Vishnu, which his father never appreciated. He wanted Prahlad to change and start worshipping him, as he being the king of all demons is like a god himself. When Prahlad refuses to budge, he subjects him to a lot of torture. Prahlad silently bears all the torture and keeps praying to Lord Vishnu.

Seeing this, Lord Vishnu comes takes the avataar of “Narashimha” which is His 4th avataara and kills Hiranya Kashyap, who has the boon that he cant be killed in day or night, inside or outside, on the ground or in the air, either by human or animal. He does that by coming at the exact sunset time, which is not a day or night, coming in half human-half animal from, and keeping him on his lap which is neither ground nor air and killing him right at the entrance, which is neither inside nor outside. This Lord Vishnu does only to protect His bhakt Prahlad.

Amongst the devices used for calculation, Time is the most important because, it is eternal and one has the value for it, irrespective of the time of their living. In each and every day of your life, there would not be a single time, where you dont ask “What is the time”? It is because all our activities are linked to our time and when the time is up, we ourselves dont exist. Thus the concept of time is very important in ones life and Lord Krishna thus compared Himself to time, which is indispensable part of our life.  The last part of the shloka went in talking about beasts and birds. Beasts are the wild animals and Lion is the King amongst them. Garuda is an eagle which is a bird which is considered to be the vahana of the Lord Vishnu. It is considered as the best and the holiest amongst all the birds.