Bhagavadgita Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 18

Chapter 10 Vibhuti Vistara Yoga Verse 18
Vedaanaam saamavedo’smi devaanaam asmi vaasavah;
Indriyaanaam manashchaasmi bhootaanaamasmi chetanaa.
Among the Vedas I am the Sama Veda; I am Vasava among the gods;
among the senses I am the mind; and I am intelligence among living beings.
This shloka sounds very similar to the shloka we had seen previously where Lord compares Himself to the different gods of nature and also to the different important functions of the humans. In this shloka also He does a similar thing. He says that in vedas He is like sama veda. Amongst the gods He compares Himself to Vasava who is also called as Indra. Then coming to a human being, He says that He is the mind of the human being and lastly He also goes onto say that He is the intelligence amongst the living beings that dwell on this planet.
Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!
One might be wondering why Lord is saying the same thing again and again. When we re-visit something, people call it repetition. And they find it boring. That is for those who don’t show the involvement. But for those who are involve it is not just a repetition but it is from a different context giving an altogether different dimension about that particular thing. When we repeat something we go deeper into it and our thought process takes us to the places and makes us to think of the things we have not thought before.
Like, in the above shloka Lord compares Himself to Sama veda. We have heard this before, but Sama veda is the sweetest and the most soothing of all vedas. When you are down and demotivated what gives immediate relief to you is a pleasant music that Sama veda is composed of. Yes, rituals in Yajur Veda takes us to a spiritually higher platform, but the relaxation and mental stability that we needed the most comes instantly  from Sama veda. Likewise, taking Lord’s name when we are in the most difficult and trying circumstances gives us the immediate relief and strength to fight over the problems and difficulties. Once the person gets strength he is equipped to do other things.
Likewise, Lord compares Himself to the mind and the intelligence in beings. Mind gives us the solutions and intelligence gives us the sustenance. Continuing the above example, once a person gets some relief by taking God’s name, his mind will start thinking in the right direction. That is also nothing but God. He now starts to see things clearly and starts to strategize as to how to overcome the problem. So, if you look at this, the music that provides relief is God and also the mind that thinks calmly after relaxation is also God.

And finally Lord compares Himself to intelligence which is nothing but sustenance. Here comes the Darwin’s theory of survival of the fittest. We take a situation where the whole species and its existence comes into threat. That is when an intelligent species can fight out the difficulties and survive the hardships. You can compare this to centuries of struggles that human beings have made to make themselves secure from all other species only because humans are more intelligent than any other species. That is also God and Him, says Lord Krishna.