Bhagavadgita - A Guide to Life

Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 10

Chapter 6 Dhyana Yoga Verse 10 Shloka Yathaa deepo nivaatastho nengate sopamaa smritaa; Yogino yatachittasya yunjato yogamaatmanah. Translation As a lamp placed in a windless spot does not flicker— to such is compared the Yogi of controlled mind, practising Yoga in the Self Interpretation In this sloka Lord Krishna is talking about the mind of […]


My 1st Work Anniversary! #Sriram

April 17th 2017 to April 17th 2018! I am not that kind of a person who sits and contemplates the past very often unless its required. Because I am that sort of a person who believes in contemplating the future and make the changes if needed. Today though I had to relook at my last […]

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Market Setup 17th April

Markets and News A special day for me personally, and things looking brighter than before and looks like second half of April also the uptrend will be intact. Dow Jones closed 200 points higher on the back of good Q1 results of many US companies. Asia also joined today with China coming out with its […]