Lok Sabha Elections 2019

Predictions for 2019 Elections – Will Modi and NDA hit Brace?

General Elections 2019 – Will Modi retain the throne? Even after 3 years Modi is still maintaining his magic and BJP and NDA are way ahead of Congress and UPA. This week am going to give the projected figures for BJP and NDA if elections are held in 2019 as things stand now. I have […]


Investments for Calendar Year 2018

Hello and welcome to the Sriram’s Portfolio Show! Exactly about a year ago or to be precise 366 days ago on 8th January 2017 I have given 17 stocks to invest to earn minimum 17% returns. In the last Tuesday post, I have given the report card of those 17 stocks and the average returns […]

Nifty Trading Ideas

Market Trade Setup 19th January #Nifty

Markets and News Weekend is here and a week that saw NIFTY climbing all time new highs continuously is coming to an end. US markets seem to have taken a break and has ended in mild red. Asia is also trading mixed today. No major fundamentals worrying the World, crude inventories seem to be stabilizing […]

Bhagavadgita - A Guide to Life

Chapter 2 Sloka 7 Bhagavadgita

Chapter 3 Sloka 7 – Karma Yoga Sloka Yastwindriyaani manasaa niyamyaarabhate’rjuna; Karmendriyaih karmayogam asaktah sa vishishyate. Translation But whosoever, controlling the senses by the mind, O Arjuna, engages himself in Karma Yoga with the organs of action, without attachment, he excels! Interpretation In this shloka Lord Krishna is talking about the person who does action without any […]