Hello 2017, Hello January!

10 days into New Year and we are all welcoming the year with lots of hope to make it a big year for each of us.

“Big year” – What makes this year big?
Many would’ve made mistakes yesteryear and would never want not to repeat them this year. One such mistake that every one of us makes is parking money in Banks!

Yes! You read it right. In Bank, we save money and take home 4-7 % returns thinking that we are becoming rich but what we don’t understand is with inflation figures at 5% we are actually making only 1-2% returns on our parked money.

Yeah. But what else is possible?

10+% returns are possible and the Stock market is a way to achieve that target.

Give yourself a chance to invest in stocks and make 10₹ extra for every 100₹ you invest. A stock market is a place where you can make money with ease and yes there is a risk in it but like the old saying goes “Higher the risk, Higher are the returns”.

Is it a good time to invest?
Yes, Absolutely! With demonetization, many things changed. We are slowly moving from a cash economy to cashless economy and no doubt that this reform has completely taken its toll on Indian Stock Market. Markets fell and corrected in this period of demonetization to make this the right time for one to enter into the market.

A Stock reacts to various internal and external factors making it clear for an investor to choose right company with good analysis. It has to be understood that stock markets will never give losses and one has to believe in this fact. Companies react to news and sometimes it becomes harder for the market to take the news and there can be a drastic fall but that’s not the end of the story. Like what goes back comes around, we have to wait for it and the stock will definitely go upwards and give you profits!

All you need to do is have patience and never panic. 
Choose your stocks, set targets and start making money!!

Oh God, So much to do?
Never worry!

I have the list of 17 stocks which can give you 17% returns for 2017

  1. ONGC – Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited
    Public Sector undertaking which is one of the Navaratna
    Buy price – 200
    Target – 255
  2. Tata Motors – Indian Automotive Giant
    Buy Price – 518
    Target – 590
  3. RBL Bank – New Player with lot of Potential
    Buy Price – 360
    Target – 425
  4. ITC – India Tobacco Company ( Smoke Profits)
    Buy Price – 268
    Target – 335
  5. Adani Power – Looks Cheap yet Powerful
    Buy Price – 33
    Target – 48
  6. TVS Motors – Let’s Ride on TVS
    Buy Price – 385
    Target – 520
  7. Voltas – Get yourself a AC in Summer but now get the stock
    Buy Price – 345
    Target – 440
  8. Eros International Media – Rock on 2 failed but EROS Won’t
    Buy Price – 178
    Target – 235
  9. Godrej Properties – Venture from people with heart of steel
    Buy Price – 325
    Target – 385
  10. Indiabulls Real Estate – Brokerage firm with pie on land
    Buy Price – 80
    Target – 105
  11. JM Financial – Consultancy from Pioneer Investment Banker
    Buy Price – 70
    Target – 95
  12. Yes Bank Ltd. – Yes! The bank that gives you 7% interest
    Buy Price – 1265
    Target – 1475
  13. State Bank of India – The Mother of all banks
    Buy Price – 250
    Target – 300
  14. Wipro – The IT Company born from Vanaspathi
    Buy Price – 478
    Target – 600
  15. India Cements Ltd – Proud MS Dhoni Sponsor!
    Buy Price – 130
    Target – 165
  16. Motherson Sumi Systems Ltd – Indian MNC Spare parts manufacturer
    Buy Price – 330
    Target – 390
  17. Vedanta Ltd. – The Controversial million dollar stock.
    Buy Price – 230
    Target – 300

Doesn’t is look so easy? 
Of course not… “Stock markets are subject to market risks read scheme related documents carefully before investing”

Not to scare you all more, it’s very important for one to have three things to become successful investor and they are 
– Patience 
– Belief &
– NO Greed

One needs to keep this three things in mind while investing and after investing it all looks like game where you might see the markets falling down badly and your portfolio looks miserable, but maintain patience and wait your returns going nowhere and in the same way once you achieve the target never wait for any more time get out of the stock and sell them, greed is bad.

So, get set ready to make this year a Big year!

To end it Like one of my friend was talking about earning and then investing, I would want to suggest that just cut down the amount we spend on our day to day activities for a month and take that money to invest. In no time, you will see good returns and oh yeah by 2018 you will become richer!!

All the Best People! 
Happy Investment Year 2017