Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 20

Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 20

Ye tu dharmyaamritamidam yathoktam paryupaasate;
Shraddhadhaanaah matparamaa bhaktaaste’teeva me priyaah.

They verily who follow this immortal Dharma doctrine or law as described above,
endowed with faith, regarding Me as their supreme goal, they, the devotees, are exceedingly dear to Me.


In this shloka Lord Krishna sums up all those qualities He has described before in the previous shlokas to talk about people who are dearer to Him. He says that all those people following Him are following their dharma which is immortal. This dharma is also called as the doctrine or low for every human being, whichever part of the world he might live in. Lord Krishna finally says that a person who has all that faith in Him, regarding Him only as the supreme goal worships Him, such people are exceedingly closer to Him.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This shloka talks about conflict between the Doctrine of Dharma and the Law of the land. In a country like India which is secular in nature, by which there is no religion which is considered to be the state religion, Is the law of land different from the doctrine of dharma followed by Hindus, that constitute nearly 80% of the total population? Fundamental rights under Article 18 of the constitution guarantees the freedom to practice their own faith and state doesn’t interfere in it, but at times things get hazy and personal freedom or choice comes in the way of faith.

Let us take the matter of Women between 10-50 yrs not being allowed into the abode of Lord Ayyappan. Its a matter of faith that is centuries old and nobody has questioned the authenticity of it. Lord Ayyappan has taken a deeksha of Brahmacharya for life and it is said that women in the marry-able age are not welcome there. But now it has taken a turn of gender equality and rights. Can you stop a women who is in the age group of 10-50 from entering the temple if she wishes to? Matter went to Supreme Court which defines the law of the land and they gave a verdict that men and women, whatever age group they belong to have equal rights of visiting the temple.

This is a point where doctrine of dharma and law of land clashed. If its Lord Ayyappan’s wish that He doesnt want to see women of a particular age, is it not the responsibility of the women who worship Him, to respect His wish? Nobody can ever show a proof whether Lord Ayyappan said it or not, nor it is wise to ask for proof. If a women is a true devotee, she understands Her master’s wishes and would never violate them. If she is not, then she is a non-believer and a non-believer has no place in a temple. Matters of faith supersede that of the law of land in certain things and going against the wishes of many people just to prove one’s right to equality is nothing but ignorance.

Lord Krishna in a way was talking about this ignorance that people might have. That’s why one cannot follow everything blindly. One needs to have a vision to perceive and appreciate others’ sensibilities. That can be acquired only if one understands things from the points of view of many qualities we discussed in previous shlokas. People will not be irrational in their decisions nor mock the religion by showing their version of rationalism if they understand the true nature of God and the right meaning of Dharma. Gita is more needed at this hour than ever before, and with this we completed the 12th Chapter of the 18 Chapters and now we await what Lord Krishna is gong to tell Arjuna in the next chapter.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 19

Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 19

Tulyanindaastutirmaunee santushto yena kenachit;
Aniketah sthiramatir bhaktimaan me priyo narah.

He to whom censure and praise are equal, who is silent, content with anything, homeless, 
of a steady mind, and full of devotion—that man is dear to Me.


This is the second part of the shloka where Lord Krishna is looking at the physical attributes of a person who is dearest to Him. After talking about the honour and dishonour, cold and heat, pleasure and pain Lord Krishna talks about few more attributes here. He says that a person to whom criticism and praise are equal is closest to Him. Then He goes on to say that a person who is silent and content with anything he gets and doesn’t aspire for any worldly desires like owning land and home and some one who has a mind which is steady and filled with devotion towards to Him is the one who is closest to Him

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Two qualities we need to understand here and they are very relevant to today’s times. One is steadiness of a person in censure and praise and the second is a person who is content with anything and is homeless. I would first like to talk about the person who is content with anything and who is homeless. Why did God use this phrase “homeless”? We all have a dream of owning a house. House gives you a sense of security and we own, single or multiple of them. Is house really a sense of security? If you look at today’s world where everything is uncertain a house is more of a liability than an asset. There were many reports published which says that in many cities in India, rented homes are cheaper than the homes you own or buy. When you own a land in a place where you are not living, you know how difficult it is to prevent it from getting encroached or forcibly occupied.

A day will come soon where home as a concept will have nothing but diminishing returns and the value of land will remain steady. All that I want to say here is, the enthusiasm and zeal a person experiences in owning a home, if he changes it to, in being content with what he has and spends his time and money in noble deeds, many better things will be planned to him. But in today’s world of rat races and dog fights, such statements have no place. A content person is not the one who leaves his family to roads, he is the one who makes his family independent and secure. You need not give anything to your children in the form of assets. Give them good education and an outlook through which they will earn those assets themselves in a much better way. 

That feeling comes only when a person is content with his money and spends time with his family. The second aspect am looking at is the person who is same in censure and praise. It is possible only when you dont own anything that comes your way.If you dont want to own a house, you dont own the praise for the work you do nor own the censure or bad remark for the work you failed to do. Detachment from objects, people and feelings is the only way of achieving this. Once you are detached you neither feel happy for something that went right nor feel sad for things that went wrong. Only such people will be closer to Him, says Lord Krishna

Market Trade Setup 19th October #NIFTY

Market Trade Setup 19th October 

Last day of the week but not great way to start with. I had told you on Wednesday to exit your positions and you would have pocketed more than 140 points if you have closed your positions till 10am. What we saw on Wednesday was vertical fall from open of 10710 to 10450. This is more than 250 point fall. Yesterday we were not trading but there was a fall across Asia and that will surely be priced in today’s opening.  The Dow Jones fell more than 200 points yesterday on the back of news from Fed minutes that the interest rates cycle will continue and fed will keep rising the interest rates in future also. 

There were other bad news as well for the market with dollar index going up to 96 and that means rupee will again go back to 74 level today and might hit another all-time low. Added to that is the China GDP data for Q3 which came in at 6.5% which is the lowest we have seen in the last 9 years. Last time China had 6.5% GDP was in 2009 when World was going through investment banking crisis. The result is entire Asia is in negative. The only good news is Brent crude which is below 80 dollars now trading at 79.5 dollars.

On the domestic front bad news for China is good news for India and Chinese GDP drop might pull FII inflows into India. Crude below 80 dollars is also good for India so it is not such a bad scenario for India. The only negative for us is not so good Q3 results.  HUL though the numbers were good the margins disappointed. Same is the case with Reliance which also showed some margins pressure and ACC cements also was not upto the mark. So if today’s results disappoint things might be under pressure otherwise things are not as bad as they look.

On the derivatives front was a massive selling that happened on Wednesday with NIFTY started to fall. The NIFTY premium which was at 5 points at the open ended into a discount of 10 points by the end of the day. The story is clear. A lot of bearish positions were built on Wednesday and a gapdown today means a lot of short covering that can be seen. On the options front the NIFTY put call ratio dropped to 1.11 from 1.20 on the back of increasing demand for calls. 10000 put and 11000 calls still stand as markers but expect that to change today.

What is the Nifty call for the day?

A gap down is expected and if nifty opens below 10400 then expect a short covering for all those positions taken on Wednesday which might take the market past 10500 and even as high as 10580. Adverse news might make nifty test 10300 levels. A day like this is better to wait and watch than take any positions. Weekend is always a time for less risk so no positions for today.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 12 Bhakti yoga verse 18

Chapter 12 Bhakti yoga verse 18

Samah shatrau cha mitre cha tathaa maanaapamaanayoh;Sheetoshnasukhaduhkheshu samah sangavivarjitah.

He who is the same to foe and friend, and in honour and dishonour, who is the same in cold and heat and in pleasure and pain, who is free from attachment,


This is a two-part shloka where Lord Krishna talks about the behavioral qualities that a person should exhibit that makes the person dearer to Him. In the first part, He is talking about four such opposite qualities where the person should show balanced behavior. Lord says that a person who is same in his behavior to his friend and an enemy is dearer to Him. The second is he should be same in honor and dishonor and third in cold and heat situations that a person faces. Finally, he says that a person who is the same in pain and pleasure is dearer to Him.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Remaining steady in honor and dishonor is one of the toughest challenges that a person faces in today’s times. Let me tell you an example here. I know a person who was once honored for his knowledge and efficiency in handling things. He is considered the best and whatever he does use to be a hit. People bestowed so much of honor on him that it became a part of his life. He used to walk, talk and live in that honor. But as we all know, life is a great leveler. He then did one mistake of getting close to a woman and started liking her.

Initially, people around him started ignoring but as the closeness grew, all the good work he did started appearing selfish and there came a situation where he was removed from the position he is holding. He couldn’t bear the situation. He couldn’t take the fact that people who used to bend their head in front of him once are now openly mocking him. He was unable to bear that dishonor that was brought onto him. One night he suffered a major heart attack and passed away. People again started remembering all the good deeds he did and restored the honor back, but the person is no more.

One has to understand the fact that life is all about living for others and when you start living for yourself the world judges you. You need to ensure that you couldn’t face the consequences of all the actions that you commit. Also, even if you don’t dishonor any act, still situations will turn in a way that you will face dishonor. Now, that is when your inner strength gets tested. If you don’t take the honor bestowed onto you to heart, then you won’t take the dishonor also to heart. Easier said than done. But one needs to carefully think about it because every day is not the same day and every act will not bring the same result that you expected.

Market Trade setup 17th October #NIFTY

Market Trade setup 17th October 

What a day it was yesterday. The rally which started on Navratri has taken NIFTY up by more than 450 points till now. Today is the last trading day of Navratri and tomorrow is a market holiday.  Dow Jones had a fantastic 550 points rally on the back of some good Q3 earnings in US. That seem to have caught up with the rest of the world and Asia is green today with all markets in green and the only worry is Brent crude which is at 81.5 dollars now. 

On the domestic front rupee has been stronger throughout the day and with positive trade deficit data things were looking brighter and that resulted in the rally. Apart from that the Q2 results were also good with infosys reporting a decent earning and Hero moto not disappointing much. Today is another Important day for earnings with many mid cap IT companies reporting their earnings. These include cyient, NIIT tech mind tree etv and the cement major ACC cements. 

On the derivatives front things are looking brighter with many long positions being built on NIFTY futures. Today is bank NIFTY weekly expiry and that could impact some positions and bring in some volatility. The overall long exposure in NIFTY futures in long positions stand at 32% now vs 31% seen yesterday.  On the options front also the NIFTY put call ratio improved to 1.24 from 1.20 and that is majorly on the back of shorts taken on put side. 10200 is slowly forming as the base for market as we are moving towards 11000.

What is the Nifty call for the day?

Today we will have a fantastic start with a gap up of nearly 100 points and that means we reach the door step of 10700. The position you have taken around 10540 to 10560 will give you handsome profit. Yesterday I advised you to carry the positions and today you will enjoy the benefits of 140 points gain on your positions. Tomorrow is a holiday so close all tour positions and take the profits and celebrate Dasara. Happy Dasara to all.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 17

Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 17

Yona hrishyati na dweshti na shochati na kaangkshati;
Shubhaashubhaparityaagee bhaktimaan yah sa me priyah.

He who neither rejoices, nor hates, nor grieves, nor desires, 
renouncing good and evil, and who is full of devotion, is dear to me.


In this shloka Lord Krishna talks further about the physical qualities of a person who is dearest to Him. He says that a person who neither rejoices nor hates is the one who is closer to Him. Rejoice and hate are the physical emotions that people exhibit towards things. He then says that a person who neither grieves not desires is dearer to Him. Then He also says that a person who renounces all good as well as evil and the one who is full of devotion is dearest to Him. In devotion this person has to renounce everything that is good for him as well as evil for Him.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Once again we are stressing the importance of a balanced person and how that person through his sheer balance becomes closer to God. The qualities of a balanced person are described here. A balanced person is someone who neither rejoices nor griefs. That means, if you give him what he wants, he will not feel happy nor feels unhappy when you deny him something. A balanced person is the who thinks that everything in this world is given by God and we should not attach any emotions to anything that is given by the God. 

One more quality of a balanced person is, he will not celebrate when something good happens to him nor he desires for good things to happen to him. This is possible only when that person who has attachment to his dharma, which is the guiding point to all his actions. Such people will have the inherent nature of renouncing things and would renounce everything in the name of God and have a strong belief that its the God who is the doer and they are just the medium for many things that are happening in their lives. Those who have such kind of thought process are the ones who are closer to Him, says Lord Krishna.

Market Trade Setup 16th October #Nifty

Market Trade Setup 16th October

I told you to go long and you would have earned money by going long yesterday. It was a revival after a 700 point fall and Nifty conquers 10500 yesterday which is a good sign. The reason for my confidence yesterday was the open interest at 11000 call. Till the time it has the maximum open interest the chances of Nifty going towards 11000 is always there. A week ago when Nifty was at 10100 if someone told you that within a week we will reach 10500 you would not have believed. Today 10500 is a reality. So a week later 10900 can also be a reality. So, watch the cues carefully before coming to a conclusion.

Today things look good overall though, the missing US journalist from Saudi was found dead. Dow Closed on flat territory and today the entire Asia is trading in the green. Hong Kong is up 170 points and even Japan which goes with US is also in the green up by 140 points. The good news is that Brent Crude is still at 81 dollars and dollar index is softening a bit which means the Rupee will recover a bit more and might stay in 73 levels itself and there were some worries on rupee front yesterday when at some point it crossed 74 per dollar.

On the domestics, we have a good news in the form of Trade deficit data that came at a 5 month low of 13.98 billion dollars despite high oil prices. The exports in rupee terms has grown nearly 10% and imports by 23%. This means the Rupee will become stronger and that will surely put some positivity in the equities market. The Q2 results are coming good and IndusInd and India bulls housing finance didnt disappoint yesterday. Delta Corp reported a strong numbers and many brokerages have given a buy to this stock.

Today is another important day and following are the Q2 results expected today. 

1. Crisil
2. Federal bank
3. Hero Motocorp
4. Infosys
5. J&K bank

On the derivatives front, there was red on Nifty for sometime and that triggered short positions in Nifty futures and the overall long positions still stands at 31%. The worrying point however was the Nifty futures premium just standing at 3 points. A rising nifty not resulting the proportionate rise in Nifty futures is not a bullish sign. On the options front also the Nifty put call ratio remained stable at 1.20 vs 1.21 seen at the beginning of the day yesterday. We can see the early signs of the base of the market shifting from 10000 to 10200 which is a positive sign.

What is the Nifty call for the day?

A green Asia and a positive trade deficit data means we will open positive around 10540. This is the resistance zone. What should you do? This is where you need to be bit careful. It is wise to wait and watch and take a long position only when Nifty drops below 10500 level between 10480-10500 with 10540 as the target. A small gain is what you can look at today but if Nifty goes up majorly, your profits also will increase. If the targets are not met, carry the positions forward to next day.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 16

Chapter 12 Bhakti Yoga Verse 16

Anapekshah shuchirdaksha udaaseeno gatavyathah;
Sarvaarambhaparityaagee yo madbhaktah sa me priyah.

He who is free from wants, pure, expert, unconcerned, and untroubled, 
renouncing all undertakings or commencements—he who is devoted to Me, is dear to Me.


Continuing to talk about the people who are dearer to Him, Lord Krishna in this shloka talks about some more qualities that a person should possess to become closer or dearer to Him. He says that a person who is free from all wants is closer to Him. Not only that a person who is also an expert in things that he does, unconcerned and untroubled by situations that arise around him is dearer to Him. Finally he says a person who renounces all his works and commencements to Him and who is devoted to Him is considered to be closest to Him. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

A new phrase to look at is “He who is free from wants, pure, expert, unconcerned and untroubled”. Here we are talking about a person who is totally dedicated his life to the service of the mankind. This person doesn’t want anything in life but he is busy satisfying the wants of people around him. This person is pure and an expert in many things. That means this person doesnt think even for a minute in a selfish way and he has attained mastery in whatever he does. Not only that he is unconcerned by everything around him and is untouched by what people talk and say about him. Have you ever seen or met such people before? Have you ever thought you can be one amongst them?

You cannot meet them because, they are not famous promoting themselves on TV channels. If you want to be one amongst them, then you have to concentrate on what the person wants, rather than focussing on what you want. Its wrong to say that such people don’t exist. They are around and we dont know them. Even you know them, they are not famous and lead a simple life. A person who is pure is not concerned how much popularity he is earning and how many people are talking about him. He keeps silently doing his work and he does his bit to change the world in his own way. If you touch and change even one person’s life also by being like this, you will be dearer to God rather than attracting a lakh people by holding a satsung.

Market Trade Setup 15th October #NIFTY

Market set up 15th October

Third week of the month starts on a different note. Winter is slowly setting in and hope this also brings change in the momentum and the outlook of the market. Friday saw a mammoth rally of nearly 300 points and that has brought us back and erased many losses made. Now we are touching 10500 levels, something we didnt dream of just 3 days ago. US ended on the positive territory on Friday with Dow gaining close to 300 points like nifty and Brent Crude is also at 81.4 dollars which is very tolerable. Asia today is in red due to disappearance of a journalist in Saudi Arabia and the tensions.

On the domestic front, we have a different cues to play with. The inflation numbers have come for the month of September and the inflation is again lower than 4% comes at 3.77% vs 3.69% seen in August and 3.28% seen in September last year. This means practically there is no rise in inflation and RBI’s decision of not hiking the interest rates was right and markets might have to acknowledge this. The only worry is Rupee now and if that stabilizes then things would look rosy. Only worry is IIP that comes at 4.3% but market would like to ignore it on the back of CPI. On the Q2 results front, this week is going to be important with lot of big companies lined up for results.

Following are the Q2 results expected today. 

1. Delta Corp
2. Indiabulls Housing Finance
3. IndusInd bank
4. Network 18
5. Reliance Industrial Infrastructure
6. South Indian bank
7. TV18 Broadcasting 
8. Zee Media

On the derivatives front, there was a massive short covering that was seen as markets was recovering from the fall. Though the buying on the Futures was limited many traders who have taken short positions started to unwind their positions as the markets went up. This was reflected very clearly on the options market where the Nifty put call ratio went up to 1.21 from 1.07 seen at the beginning of Friday. All across there was demand for puts with 10100 put adding 6.1 lakh positions, 10400 put adding 6 lakh positions, 10300 put adding 5.7 lakh positions. The traders are shorting these puts to cash on in the rise in premiums of these puts as markets fell. 10000 put and 11000 call still continue to have highest accumulated open interest indicating there is lot of upside still left.

What is the Nifty call for the day?

Nifty will have a open around 10450 level on the back of a weak Asia, and there is a fundamental of geo-political tension arising with the disappearance of US journalist from Saudi. At the lower end Nifty might test 10380 levels and will get support in 10380-10400levels and on the upside 10500-10520 is a resistance level. You can go long again today when Nifty is below 10450 levels with 10500-10520 or 50-60 points as the target from wherever you take that position.