Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sanyyas Yoga Verse 19

Jnaanam karma cha kartaa cha tridhaiva gunabhedatah;
Prochyate gunasankhyaane yathaavacchrinu taanyapi.
Knowledge, action and the actor are declared in the science of the Gunas the Samkhya philosophy to be of three kinds only, according to the distinction of the Gunas. Hear them also duly.

After the three fold impulse to action and the three fold impulse to the basis of action, Lord Krishna in this shloka is talking about the three kind of gunas that are declared in the Samkhya philosophy. Lord says that the Knowledge, the action which prompts to acquire the knowledge and the actor, who is basically the person performing that action are finding a mention in the Samkhya philosophy. Not only that, Lord also says that these three elements of knowledge, action and actor are purely dependant on the Guna that a particular person possesses and then asks Arjuna to listen to them very carefully. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Guna of a person decides the spirituality that he is into. That is the reason why we keep coming back to the same aspect of Guna again and again. The last 6 chapters of Gita have at multiple points referred to the importance of Gunas, and Chapter 14 and 17 dealt extensively only the Gunas. A person who is of Tamasic guna reads Gita, he takes it and personalizes it to his level and does things that suits him and thinks that this is what Gita teaches. Same is the case of a person in Rajasic or in Sattwik state. Everyone understands things in their own way and attach meaning and relevance akin to their understanding, maturity and spiritual levels. 

If we take all this apply to what is being discussed in this shloka, it fits in perfectly. Knowledge comes to a person according to his actions and its primarily his actions that define how much of knowledge that comes in. For example a highly evolved soul like Sri Aurobindo, who also wrote commentaries on Gita, can write not less than one full page on this verse itself, whereas a less evolved person like me is able to write just 2-3 paragraphs. The shloka is the same, but the depth to which you go is different. Its your actions that primarily defines the depth of your knowledge and that remains as your understanding. 
Not only that, the Gunas also make a significant difference in the quality of what is being written. Its not always the quantity that defines something but it is also the quality. As you move spiritually, you will be transported from Tamasic state to Sattwik state and from there to the stage of “om tat sat”. A person who sees God all around him is in the stage of “om tat sat” and none can explain better than the way he explains. If you really want to see that, read Sri Aurobindo’s Bhagavad Gita or his famous work “Savitri” which a poetic work based on the drama of integral self-realisation. The book narrates the legendary “Love conquers Death” concept of Satyavan and Savitri in Shri Aurobindo’s most philosophical ways. 

Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 18

Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 18

Jnaanam jneyam parijnaataa trividhaa karmachodanaa;
Karanam karma karteti trividhah karmasangrahah.

Knowledge, the knowable and the knower form the threefold impulse to action; the organ, the action and the agent form the threefold basis of action.


This shloka focuses on the three fold impulse to action and the three fold basis of action. It is a well known fact that there has to be an impulse for an action and then only knowledge can be acquired. So, Lord in the first line of the shloka is explaining about the three things that act as an impulse to action. The three things that he mentions are knowledge, which is information then the knowable which is the kind of information to seek and the knower, which is the person who seeks the knowledge. These three act as an impulse for an action. Then Lord also talks about the basis of action which is the organ, which acts as trigger for the action, the action which is the action itself and the agent, which is the ingredient hidden in the action. All these three are the basis of an action. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

The source of existence of us all is knowledge. Where there is no knowledge there is darkness and ignorance and where there is ignorance there is no life. Imagine that our forefathers centuries ago would not have acquired the knowledge of wheel, fire and farming. Today, we would be eating raw meat like other animals in the animal kingdom, we would be walking from one place to another instead of a car, bus, train or aeroplane, all of them use wheel. If we had not able to control fire, we would neither be cooking nor would have the power today to burn coal and produce electricity. Knowledge is the basis of all this. With so much of knowledge around we are just 10% of what we can and if we reach 80% level, we would be at a level which is unthinkable. 

Knowledge takes you to depth and that depth gives you more and more things. Let’s take for example the knowledge of radio waves. This has led to the discovery of walkie talkies used in the army, which then branched into a radio and a telephone. Radio waves integrates the frequency and plays audio when tuned into a particular frequency. Telephone distributes the frequency, attaches a code and the sound waves can be heard to the number code that you are dialling. Once we had the technology of audio then we brought in the element of video in it and that led to the discovery of Television. Meanwhile Telephone started advancing forward and became mobile phone where the instrument can still receive radio waves even if it not in a fixed place. 

Knowledge didnt stop there. It continued when the sound wave turned into text messages and when its transmission along with voice was discovered, that was called as internet, which by far is the best discovery of the previous century. Internet brought text and video into telephone and once that happened, integration of television and mobile phone happened and today we can watch TV on the move, we can watch web TV which is more personalized. This is the power of knowledge, which is not restricted to just one field or area but it is there in every area whether it is physics or biology or medicine or music or literature or business or engineering. At the highest level all knowledge converge and takes us closer to understanding the origin or all this that is God. 

The knower is the person to whom the knowable will come and thus he acquires knowledge. So, it is the organ or the trigger that comes to the knower along with the agent through which he should learn that knowledge and when he performs the action then the resultant is acquiring the knowledge. If I have to simplify it a bit, the organs in the universe decide what knowledge you should seek, this results in an agent, which can be an incident or a person who will come to you as the purpose of learning that knowledge. Many people go through this one in a life time experiences where they meet a person or face an incident which makes them to learn something and that knowledge changes their life forever. This process of learning is called action and together all this is called the basis of action. 

So, the three elements in the basis of knowledge, determine what is knowable. Many people keep a restriction on what they should know and what they should not know, which sometimes makes you do mis-calculation about learning few things. Its the three elements of the basis of action that determine what knowledge you should acquire and one should be open to acquiring that knowledge. Once the knower opens himself to the knowable, then knowledge automatically gets into him and enlightens him and removes the darkness in his mind. Its not a easy process. It takes an effort to light a match stick and both the match box and stick have to scratch each other and take the pain, then only stick will be lit which will in-turn light the lamp. Our soul is like lamp, our senses are the match box and the basis of action is the stick. until they feel the pain one cannot enlighten himself. So, dont stop learning because it is painful. Where there is no pain, there is no gain.

Tamil Nadu Elections 2019 #LokSabha2019

Today’s election post is coming from down south, from the state of Tamil Nadu. The state which is the second most industrialised state and a state where traditions are followed religiously. It is also the state which is most close to Mumbai in its love Movies and Cricket. But when it comes to elections this state is completely unpredictable if you are a political pundit. Elections predictions become easier if you are just a Voter but not a Psephologist.

If you are a political analyst, the only way to understand the mood of the people is by interviewing them and when that happens the answers that the People give are very different from what they actually feel. So this lying game by People makes it tougher for predicting the results. Clever Tamilians. Even though it’s tough to predict the winner, results in Tamil Nadu elections are always one sided where the winner takes all.

Though there are 3 regions:

1. Northern Tamil Nadu,

2. Southern Tamil Nadu and

3. Coimbatore Region also called as Chettinad

Every voter from all the regions vote in the same line and that’s there is always sweep from one party in the elections.

Fact Check:

Tamil Nadu state has got totally 39 Lok Sabha seats since 1977.

• In 1977 Congress with AIADMK won 34 Seats

• In 1980 Congress with DMK won 37 seats

• In 1984 Congress with AIADMK won 37 seats

• In 1989 Congress continued an alliance with AIADMK winning 38 seats

• In 1991 again the same alliance won 39 seats

• In 1996 the Congress changed partner and choose DMK winning 39 seats

• In 1998 BJP made an entry into Tamil Nadu with AIADMK winning 30 seats

• But in short span in 1999 BJP joined DMK and won 26 seats

• In 2004 Congress allied with DMK to win all 39 seats

• The same alliance continued in 2009 as INC+DMK won 27 seats

• Come 2014 the story changed as AIADMK lead by Jayalalitha 37 seats

Interestingly till the time MGR was alive AIADMK was able to win every election till 1991 and there was no fight given by DMK. But then when Jaya Lalitha took over the party after the demise of MGR, it was a revolving door policy with AIADMK and DMK taking alternative elections.

That’s how the things were when it was a two-party contest. But then we now officially have 3 parties with Kamal Hasan’s new party MNM (Makkal Needhi Maiam). He was desperate to align with Congress. But things didn’t work out and Congress didn’t accept the offer and instead, Congress aligned with DMK. This was a major setback for MNM and the other setback is losing its Cofounder CK Kumar Veil. CK Kumar Veil apparently resigned from MNM citing the internal politics as reason and blaming Kamal Hasan for not having focus. CK Kumar Veil is a big player in Tamil Nadu, an entrepreneur who owns the saloon brand ‘Naturals’.

Nagercoil: Congress President Rahul Gandhi and Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK) President M K Stalin during the formal launch of United Progressive Alliance (UPA), a campaign in Tamil Nadu from the Kanyakumari parliamentary constituency, at Nagercoil, in Kanyakumari district, on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. (PTI Photo/R Senthil Kumar)(PTI3_13_2019_000144A)

This is how the things have turned into a 3 cornered contest. It’s pretty clear with the opinion polls and the mood of the people that the party which will sweep this time will be Stalin’s DMK. DMK’s reason for the rise is mainly because of bad leadership by the ruling Government.

Below are the seats sharing pact that was worked out between parties for Elections 2019.

Ø AIADMK is in contesting 20 seats out of 40 that includes Pondicherry, giving away 7 to PMK, 5 to BJP, 4 to Vijaykanth’s DMDK and other small parties are contesting 4

Ø DMK is also contesting 20 seats and gave away 10 seats to Congress, 3 seats to MDMK, CPI will fight for 2 seats and CPM(I) also fighting for 2 seats while others are running for 3 seats.

Finally, this is for the first time that AIADMK and DMK are fighting against each other only in 8 seats. Having said, the winner is likely to be the DMK alliance sweeping around 35 seats and leaving AIADMK-BJP alliance to under 5 seats. This is exactly opposite to what we had seen in Maharashtra on Friday, where BJP-Shiv Sena is likely to sweep winning more than 40 seats and reducing Congress to single digits.

This Friday, I will turn towards the East and focus on the key state of West Bengal which has 42 seats.

Market Trade Setup 20th March #NIFTY

This is the first Wednesday expiry of 2019 and the shortest weekly expiry everlasting for only 4 trading sessions is coming to an end today. Yesterday I was talking about Nifty decisively breaking 11530 mark but it barely managed to hold that mark. So, today there is a 50-50 chance of Nifty going towards 11600 mark. Globally today also we don’t have any decisive cues as Dow Jones again ended flat down 20 points before the FOMC decision on interest rates. It is widely believed that rates would be kept constant and the commentary would be dovish. Asian markets are still nervous and the Korean market is down almost 1.3% and Hong Kong is down 130 points. Other Asian markets are trading in a mildly red zone.

Coming to domestics, the noise of elections is going up each day and Congress which was supposed to firm up alliances and pose a challenge to BJP and NDA is struggling now. It was rejected out rightly in UP and now its alliances in Bihar with RJD and with AAP in Delhi and Haryana are also in problems. In Bihar RJD offered 8 seats to Congress while congress is not willing to settle less than 11. AAP has come up with a statement that alliance in Delhi is off and it will contest all 7 seats. All these are looking dicey and things are turning advantageous to NDA. On stock front, Jet Airways is into deep trouble as the pilots have come out and gave an ultimatum that if their dues are not settled by 31st March then they would go on strike from 1st April. Not a good news for Airline sector. 

On the derivatives front, yesterday saw a mixed action in the Futures market and the overall long positions remained constant at 63%. However, most of the action happened in options where 1.4 lakh volumes got generated in Nifty and Bank Nifty and the total turnover was at 10.7 lakh Crore. Let’s see whether the 19.7 lakh crore turnover seen last week will be broken or not. 11500 put added 10.7 lakh positions yesterday and now 11500 put has the highest open interest indicating 11490-11510 is strong support. On the call side, 11600 call added 1.8 lakh positions and 11550 call added 1.2 lakh positions and that took the Nifty put-call ratio to 1.78 from 1.66. 11600 call has the highest open interest followed by 11700 call. So, today expiry will be between 11500 and 11600 mark.

What is the Nifty call for the day?

Patience always pays. The position that you took on Friday and Monday has materialized yesterday as Nifty met the given target of 11510-11530 mark. Now Nifty is at a 50-50 point as said before, so there is a possibility of Nifty hitting 11600 mark. Today we might have a flat opening around 11530-11550 mark and 11580-11600 mark we will find resistance. So, one strategy is if Nifty doesn’t run away at the open and if you get a dip to 11500 mark then you can take a long position. Otherwise, stay out of Futures. In such a case you have an options strategy opening up and I will tweet about it after the markets open.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 17

Yasya naahankrito bhaavo buddhiryasya na lipyate;
Hatwaapi sa imaam llokaan na hanti na nibadhyate.

He who is ever free from the egoistic notion, whose intelligence is not tainted by good or evil, though he slays these people, he slayeth not, nor is he bound by the action.


This shloka talks about the fruits that a person who is free from the ego of being a doer bears. Lord says that anyone who does not attach their ego or attribute their soul alone for any task done, and a person whose intelligence is not affected by the good or bad deeds is an ideal doer. Here the qualities of those deeds are never measured. In that context Lord says that even if a person kills another person and he does the act unattached, he is not bound by that action. Even if he does the act of killing the person he is not bound by the action because his soul is not responsible for that action.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

This shloka brings us back to the very purpose for which Gita is being told to Arjuna. Arjuna asks a question to Krishna that why should he fight against his own people in a war which pits one brother against another. Throughout the last 17 chapters Krishna brought out different dimensions of looking at this question. This shloka tells us that there is no need for a person to take the responsibility for his/her actions and say that I have done this task. Infact you are not the doer you are just a medium. In this context Arjuna is just a medium and he was chosen to do this task of restoring order in the system where adharma prevailed over dharma. 

Ego kills intellect. A very knowledgeable person also because of his ego might lose balance and take a decision which can be counter productive. But there is also the Karma Yoga which says that a person has to bear the fruits of all his actions. To explain this point a bit more, let me tell you one more time that Karma attaches to you only when you get attached to the task. As long as you remain unattached and do the task only as a medium but not as a doer, then neither the task nor the karma resulting out of the task, whether it is good karma or bad karma can be attached to the person. He remains action-less and karma-free and that starts his journey to moksha.

Market Trade Setup 19th March #Nifty

After a 100 plus point correction in the morning and a recovery of 40 to 50 points, Nifty is back again above 11450 levels as we approach the 2nd day of this 4 day trading week. Yesterday was the day when we had the first chance of making money for the bears. Nifty crossed 11520 mark and then corrected back to 11420 levels before closing at 11460 levels. Globally things are looking nervous as the two-day FOMC meeting starts today and everybody’s eyes will be whether there will be rate hike or not. Dow was unaffected by all this and had a positive close last night but Asia is nervous today with both Honk Kong and Japan in slightly negative terrain.
On the domestic front, the Rupee staged a sharp recovery yesterday and as predicted it opened below 69 and closed almost at the given levels of 68.50 at 68.52 mark. The negative news is coming from the Brent Crude front which has gone up to 67.6 dollars again. This is on the back of OPEC deciding not to increase the global supply of Crude till June this year though there are signs of growing demand for crude. Domestically the belief is strengthening on BJP returning to power as one more opinion poll of Times Now-VMR predicted 283 seats for NDA vs 135 for UPA. On IPO front, REIT made a slow start where only 20% of the shares were subscribed on Day 1 out of 7.12 crore shares that are on offer.
On the derivatives front, yesterday saw a totally different action in the Futures and options. While Futures positions were totally bullish, there was some caution on options where traders took mildly bearish positions as Nifty started to fall during the day. As a result, the overall long positions in Nifty Futures shot up to 63% from 62% and the Nifty put-call ratio however fell to 1.66 from 1.77 mark. 10450 put added 5.7 lakh positions while 11400 put added 4.7 lakh positions and 11400 still continues to have highest open interest on the put side. On call side 11700 call added 4.8 lakh positions, 11600 call added 4.2 lakh positions and 11600 still has the highest open interest. So, tomorrow’s expiry markers are placed at 11400-11600 mark but 11500 call also has open interest close to 11600. This is something that traders should watch out for.
What is the Nifty call for the day?

Yesterday, I asked you to take positions between 11450-11480 mark and if you have taken that then you are in no profit no loss zone. Today there can be a flat opening on Nifty around 11450-11480 mark and yesterday’s high of 11530 will be the resistance for the market and 11410-11420 which was yesterday’s low will be the support. So, if Nifty crosses 11500 mark again then close your positions and book profits and stay out. We are at congestion zone now and unless 11530 is decisively taken out 11600 will not be possible on Nifty.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sannyas Yoga Verse 16

Tatraivam sati kartaaram aatmaanam kevalam tu yah;
Pashyatyakritabuddhitwaan na sa pashyati durmatih.

Now, such being the case, he who, owing to untrained understanding, looks upon his Self, 
which is isolated, as the agent, he of perverted intelligence, sees not.

This shloka is the second part where Lord talks about what happens to those who do not understand the importance of the five causes that contribute to an action. Previous shloka talked about the five causes playing a role whether that action is performed in a proper or an improper way. In this shloka Lord says that a person who is untrained and who misunderstands things regard only soul as an entity which is responsible for all the actions that are performed. Even for a wrong action also the person attributes it to the soul. This is happening mainly because of the perverted intelligence of a person who cannot see things the way it should be seen. 

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

Who is the person with perverted intelligence here? The understanding of that is very important to understand the context of this shloka. A perverted intelligence is something that looks for the benefit, this benefit can be for the self or for a person closer to him like family or for wealth. When you gain knowledge about spirituality, it should make a person surrender to God. But many times a person channelizes it to himself and emerges as a knowledgeable and wise, increasing his own popularity. This is mainly because of the perverted intelligence. Perversion here is from the five causes to one cause that is his soul. 

Soul has urges and senses fulfil them. sometimes, the urges of the soul are directed towards an individual than towards God. This happens mainly when soul becomes the victim of senses and not the paramatma inside it. You might argue that how can soul, which has the paramatma in it be corrupted. Understand that soul is a constant seeker of knowledge and when the knowledge that soul received is limited it will be in darkness. It needs knowledge which should act as enlightenment for it to see the paramatma inside it. Till that is achieved it is incomplete and that might lead to the perversion and that is what is called as perverted intelligence. 

Market Trade Setup 18th March #NIFTY

The second half of the series starts off today on a very positive note where the first half has seen more than 400 points gain in the Nifty where it jumped from 10815 level to 11430 level. We need to wait and see how the second half pans out. If 11500 is the cap for Nifty then we just have under 100 points to trade in the next 9 trading sessions and Nifty might be in a flat zone or might correct itself a bit. Globally speaking Friday closed very positive₹ for Dow Jones which closed 140 points higher while all the Asian markets today are in the green with Hong Kong and Japan both up 150 points each.

On the domestic front, on Saturday we had the Trade deficit data for February coming in and it is the best number in last 17 months, which is mainly on the drop in imports and rise in exports. The deficit number is at 9.6 billion dollars vs 14.7 billion seen in January and 12.3 billion seen in the same month last year. This is because of exports going up to 26.6 billion and imports declining to 36.2 billion. The drop in imports is mainly because of the drop in gold imports and falling crude oil prices. In other news dollar index is softening more and today we might see Rupee opening below 69 and I had indicated that in my Friday post itself. Today Rupee could even touch 68.50 levels. Brent Crude has also stabilized and is trading at 67 dollars.

On the derivatives front, the long positions in Futures are at 61% now and with every passing day, the long positions are going up. This presents a case for a sudden fall in Nifty as there are not enough shorts in the system to prevent the fall. In the options market also the put-call ratio has also gone up to 1.77 from 1.71 seen at the opening on Friday. This week expiry is on Wednesday so we just have 2 trading days to expiry day. 11400 put has the highest open interest of 12.7 lakh positions out of which 9.7 lakh came on Friday. On the call side, 11600 now has emerged as the strike with the highest open interest with 8.4 lakh positions. 11500 is close behind with 8.2 lakh positions. For the monthly expiry, however, 11000 put and 11500 call continue to have the highest open interest.

What is the Nifty call for the day?

A green Asia means we will also open a bit higher around 11450-11480 zone and the first resistance will come at 11520-11540 level. On the downside 11380-11410 will be a strong support zone. This weekly expiry data markers show that Nifty has the potential to go up to 11610 this series itself but I feel that 11520 is a zone that will be a bit difficult to cross. I suggest taking a long position at the open itself today between 11450-11480 mark with 11510-11530 as the target. Take this position as soon as Nifty is in that range and don’t wait for the customary 1 hour. If the market is bullish you might not get an opportunity. If Nifty drops to 11380 levels also after you took the position, hold on and wait for the next two days.

Bhagavadgita Chapter 18 Moksha Sanyyas Yoga Verse 15

Chapter 18 Moksha Sanyyas Yoga Verse 15

Shareeravaangmanobhiryat karma praarabhate narah;
Nyaayyam vaa vipareetam vaa panchaite tasya hetavah.

Whatever action a man performs by his body, speech and mind, 
whether right or the reverse, these five are its causes.


This shloka comes after Lord talks about the five causes that accomplish a task. Lord in this shloka is talking about the consequences of actions performed by the body, mind and the soul. In the previous shloka, we have identified body, mind and speech as important reasons for doing or not doing any task. In this shloka, Lord says that whatever is the action that is performed by the body, mind and speech of an individual, whether it is right or wrong, the five causes that Lord has mentioned are the only reasons for it. The point to be noted here is whether the action is in the right direction or in reverse, the cause for it is the same.

Extending Interpretation to Mankind’s Life!

We have to understand here, the importance of body, speech and mind in doing any task. Since we are in the last chapter and since the readers are already exposed to many things, I would like to quote certain verses from Upanishad to underscore the importance of the body, speech and mind in performing any task.

“Brahman cannot be described by the voice. By its inspiration, the voice gets the power to speak”. You cant express God in voice. You are speaking because of the voice given by Brahman. 

“Brahman cannot be understood by the mind and intellect. By its power, mind and intellect will work”. Don’t try to understand God by the amount of knowledge and intellect that you possess. It’s a miniscule. Your mind itself is working and gaining intellect only because of that Brahman. 

“Brahman cannot be seen with the eyes. By its inspiration, the eyes see”. Non-believers ask for the proof of God saying where is He and how can He be sighted, forgetting the fact that the eyes that gives them the vision itself was bestowed by that Brahman. 

Body is the combination of senses, and those senses were bestowed by God, and so is mind and speech. Thus any action performed by an individual is because of the five causes, the body, mind, senses, the reason and the Brahman. Whether it is the right task or a wrong task, these five are only responsible and the body has to bear the Karma or the fruit of the tasks performed by it.